Network Data Architect

at Hexaware Technologies, Inc
Published February 10, 2024
Location Chicago, IL
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Job Type Full-time  


Position: Network Data Architect

Location: Chicago, IL

Hiring: Fulltime with Hexaware Technologies

Job Description:

  • Candidate should have L3 level of experience on following Technologies.
  • Cisco Firepower: FMC, FTD, Packet flow, policy, NAP, ACP. SI, encrypted traffic, Geo-location rules, platform settings, FPR chassis etc...
  • Cisco ASA: Stateful & Stateless, security levels, Transparent Firewall, block HTTPS Traffic, DMZ Zone, Active-Active Failover, convert Transparent mode to Routed mode and vice versa, Active/Standby failover, EtherType ACL in Cisco ASA, Webtype ACL in Cisco ASA, VPN.
  • Azure cloud: Azure NSG and Azure Firewall
  • Cisco ACI: ACI Hardware series, modes of operations in nexus 9000 series switches, CLOS architecture or ACI Spine-Leaf Architecture, APIC controller in ACI, benefits of Nexus ACI compared to traditional network solution/architecture, role of the APIC controller in ACI fabric, servers connection in ACI Spine-Leaf Architecture, Bridge domain, EPG, Type of Tenant, Interface Policy in ACI, local and Remote backup, L2/L3 out, replace of spin and leaf switch in production network.
  • Cisco ISE: deploy profiling, Profiling Feed Service, Posture service, Guest portals, various endpoint Compliance posture states, TrustSec, pxGrid , BYOD, Single SSID and Dual SSID in BYOD, personas and types of probes,dot1x authentication
  • Cisco Meraki Wireless: SSID, group upgradation, logs check, logs capture, dashboard and devices license, warm spare, stacking ,new Meraki device additional , device backup, NAT, network and organization creation, Port configuration and etc..
  • Routing protocols: EIGRP, OSPF and BGP
  • Switching protocols: Vlans,UDLD VTP, STP, RSTP, RPVST, MST, Ether Channel, HSRP, VRRP, VSS, VPC, FCoE & FABRICPATH
  • Design: HLD, LLD, Runbook and SOP creation and updation.
  • Vendor coordination: Cisco, Microsoft and ISP
  • Network Tools: ServiceNow, Netflow Analyzer and ELK
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