Network Engineer ACI & Meraki

at ClifyX
Published November 8, 2023
Location Washington, DC
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Job Type Full-time  


SF ID: 1229512
Job Role / Title: Network Engineer ACI & Meraki
Work Location: LTIMindtree Client - USA Vancouver, Washington 98683
Work Mode: Full Onsite (Hybrid Remote)
Employment Type: 6-Months Contract + extension (Contract to hire) Only Visa independent.
Salary Range: $65/hr to $70/hr
Start Date: Immediate
Client (for your reference only and please do not reach out to candidates who are currently working with this client): Pet hospital.
Interview Process (all interviews will be on video mode only):

d) 01 L1 Interview w/ LTIMindtree (Mandatory)

e) 01 L2 Interview w/ LTIMindtree (Mandatory)

Job Objectives:
Job Description:

"1. Cloud and the Cisco Meraki Dashboard

Single Pane of Glass Management

Cisco Meraki Full Stack Capabilities

Cisco Meraki Devices and the Cloud

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Solution

Cisco Meraki Dashboard Organizational Structure

Multiorganizational Structure

2. Cisco Meraki Products and Administration

Cisco Meraki MX Security and SD-WAN Appliance

Cisco Meraki MS Switches

Cisco Meraki MR Wireless Client

Cisco Meraki Systems Manager Endpoint Management

Cisco Meraki MV Security Cameras

Cisco Meraki Insight Web-Based Application Analytics

Advanced Use of Cisco Meraki Dashboard Demo

3. Cisco Meraki Troubleshooting

Cisco Meraki Dashboard Sync and Real-Time Tools

Cisco Meraki Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools

Integration of Cisco Meraki Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools in Existing Systems

Application Programming Interfaces

1. NX-OS Basic Operations

NX-OS Functionality

Licenses detailed explanation

Features and Feature-Set

Initial Setup of Cisco Nexus 5000 and Reload

Cisco Fabric Services ( CFS)

2. Virtual Device Context ( VDC)

VDC concepts explanation

VDC creation and Deletion

Port movement between VDCs

VDC Combined Name Option

3. vPC ( Virtual Port Channel)

Understanding vPC

Configuring vPC Peer Keepalive

Configuring vPC Peer Link

Configuring Port Channels

Simple vPC Lab

Multiple vPC Lab ( Double vPC)

vPC between 5K and 2K

4. Fabric Path in Cisco Nexus 7000 & 5000

Fabric Path Overview

Traditional MAC Learning

Conversational MAC Learning

Initial Configuration

Switch ID in Fabric Path

Understanding vPC+ in FabricPath

vPC+ Lab

Verification and Troubleshooting Labs of vPC+

5. Cisco ACI Fabric Infrastructure

o Describe ACI Topology and Hardware

o Describe ACI Object Model

o Utilize Faults, Event record, and Audit log.

o Describe ACI Fabric Discovery

6. External Network Connectivity

o Implement Layer 2 Out (STP/MCP basics)

o Implement Layer 3 Out (Excludes Transit Routing and VRF Route


o ACI Packet Forwarding

o Describe Endpoint learning.

o Implement Bridge Domain Configuration knob (Unicast Routing,

Layer 2 Unknown Hardware Proxy, ARP Flooding)

7 Integrations

o Implement VMware vCenter DVS Integration

o Describe Resolution Immediacy in VMM

o Implement Service Graph (Managed and Unmanaged)

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